Cloak Sites

This is our complete listing of cloak websites. We are always looking to expand this list. If you would like to add your own cloak website, store, or merchandise, feel free to cotact us.

Alphabetical Cloak Listing

Name Phone Email Location Category
A Masquerade 425-455-7621 WA Costumes
Alivans 850-215-1333 FL Harry Potter
Ancient Circles 800-726-8032 CA Fantasy & Renaissance
Annie Laurie Cloaks & Medieval Clothing NA WV Fantasy & Renaissance 800-459-2969 NA WI Costumes
Cloak and Dagger Creations 978-486-4414 MA Fantasy, Renaissance, Jedi
Cloak Making Guide NA NA NA How to Guide
Cloak Wikipeda NA NA NA General Information
Cloaks of Camelot NA PA Renaissance, Fantasy
Cloaks of Ireland +353-23-43993
(USA) 1-800-522-2917 Ireland Contemporary, Fantasy, Renaissance
Invisibility Cloaks via CNN NA NA NA Invisibility Cloak Information
Name Phone Email Location Category
Costume Hub 800-899-5540 NA CA Costumes
Custom Cloaks NA ND Fantasy, Wedding, Contemporary
Elfin Magical Capes 800-347-0439 NA WA Fantasy NA NA NA General Information
Forest Creek Renaissance Shoppe 734-788-0708 NA MI Medieval & Renaissance
Frank Bee Costume 877-937-2652 NY Costumes, Star Wars
FunWareHouse 0871-288-0263 United Kingdom Costumes
Half Moon 970-874-9665 CO Cloaks
Halloween Costume Sale 714-515-5315 NA NA Costumes
Name Phone Email Location Category NA NA CT Costumes
How Invisibility Cloaks Work NA NA NA Invisibility Cloaks NA NA NC Cloaks
Kandlwyck Heirloom Clothiers 817-944-8568 NA NA Cloaks
Kropserkel NA NA Star Wars, Lord of the Rings NA NA NA How to Guide, LEGIO XX
Linda Clifford 877-607-7787 ME Contemporary
Lindsey Thornburg Cloaks NA NA Contemporary
Little Adventures 801-766-8437 UT Costumes
Little Dress Up Shop 800-738-8156 UT Costumes
Name Phone Email Location Category
LOTR Cloak Patterns NA NA NA How to Guide
Magic Myst Clothing 541-487-4007 NA Medieval, Jedi
Magic Velvets 831-423-7940 CA Fantasy 866-414-7473 NE Fantasy
Miles Tonne 631-427-8580 NY Contemporary
Moon Costumes NA NC Costumes
Mystik Merchant NA NA Star Wars NA NA NA Lord of the Rings
Padawan's Guide NA NA NA How to Guide, Star Wars
Realm Collections 800-983-5009 IL Renaissance, Medieval
Royal Cloaks 847-869-4131 IL Contemporary
Name Phone Email Location Category
Star Costumes 888-573-4594 NA OH Costumes
Texas Body Hangings 800-642-8075 TX Contemporary
The Cloak Room NA NA TX Cloaks
The Mercenaries NA NA NA How to Guide, Live action roleplaying
The Tudor Shoppe 919-604-1941 NC Cloaks
Think Tank Toys 888-922-7293 NA UT Costumes
Twin Roses Designs 276-591-1113 VA Cloaks
Velvet Cloak 323-997-9903 NA Contemporary, Fantasy
Whimsie Alley 310-453-2370 CA Contemporary, Fantasy
Wookieepedia NA NA NA How to Guide, Star Wars