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Harry Potter

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Deluxe Harry Potter Gryffindor Child Robe

Star Wars

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Star Wars Deluxe Jedi (TM) Robe Child Costume

Lord of the Rings

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Ringwraith Lord of the Rings Child Costume

Other Costumes

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Children's Cloak of Darkness Halloween Costume

About Cloaks Cloaks have been around since the beginning of history. Cloak is a generic term for a simple piece of fabric that is draped around the shoulders to protect the wearer from the elements. The cloak can be long or stop around the knees. While similar in length, the cloak is different than a cape. The cape only covers the back of a wearer while the cloak encircles the wearer opening at the front or to the side.

Because of their simple style the type of cloak can differ greatly. Most cloaks attach at the shoulder or the neck using a pin or a tie. Cloaks may or may not have hoods but usually do not have sleeves.

Cloaks have changed throughout history due to changing styles of clothes and fabrics. While worn frequently before the invention of the coat and cloaks have been worn less in modern times.